vacation plan

My vacation plan is to visit Fukuoka. I have two things to go to do there. One is that I have to take one exam in February and the place of the exam is in Fukuoka. I'll do my best to pass the exam. The other one is to watch the live concert of my favorite singer. The concert also held at Fukuoka. I already have the ticket so I'm looking forward to see them and listen to their music! Therefore, I will spend much of my spring break this year in Fukuoka. I'd like to enjoy them and tell these memories for my family and friends.

my favorite book 2

My favorite book is "Night Flight" which written by Saint-Exupery. I read the book for the first time a year ago. I was moved by that story and the gimmick of the book. I'm going to write the details on my blog as my book review. If you like stormy stories, I strongly recommend this book to you and I want you to feel the scale. The book's theme is the realism and dignity of human beings in the dangerous business of night flying with the author's piloting experience, and the book has also said the book have high value as a historical material of postal flight pioneering period. This book was introduced by one of my close friends. At first, I was curious to see what kind of book she had in mind, and I picked up the book. I used to feel a little happy because I liked the contents of the book and got the feeling from her heart. Unfortunately, she died of cancer a month ago. I can't talk to her from now on, but I can remember her, so I read the book even today. "Night Flight" will be a memorable favorite book forever in my life.

Movie Review 3

Mission: The Impossible Ghost Protocol is a spy action movie released in 2011. It is a popular series starring Tom Cruise, "Operation of espionage" is the fourth movie of MIP series. . The director is Brad Byrd who also produced "Mr. Incredibles". The subtitle "Ghost Protocol" is a communication between the MIP series and the espionage campaign, "the authorities are not concerned at all, even if you or your members are caught or killed by example," he expressed. In other words, an organization called the IMF refers to an arrangement called a Ghost Organization (protocol) that does not officially exist.  As in the subtitle, in this movie, the IMF itself has been in a crisis of demolition, to be forced to mission in the environment in the bad in the past..  By the way, the first was the title "Mission: Impossible 4", but finally it became this. Tom Cruise, who served as a producer, said, "I thought this series was a good title with no numbers." It is needless to say that the member's "teamwork" is valued more than the previous work in this work, but I was surprised further is the actor soul of Tom Cruise who acts as Ethan. Tom Cruise is doing all the action without a stuntman. There is not exactly a word. Surprisingly, Tom is running from top to bottom on the side of the skyscraper. This scene alone is impressive. At first, this is 100% stuntman and I thought that bill would be a CG. I thought it was great. The action of this skyscraper is the action that Tom Cruise has trained and completed for several months. Can you think of any more popular actors in the world that are too famous? If it is normal, it is impossible. The director suggested he would use stuntman, but Tom refused and decided to do it all by himself. Of course, the content of this story was also amazing, and I was impressed, but I don't know any other actor with such a soul.

Movie Review2

I watched a movie called “Unstoppable”. I enjoyed watching the movie. “Unstoppable” means a train can’t be stopped. I think there are two awesome points in the movie. One is magnificence of the story. Nobody can predict how one oversight will turn into an incident later. The outcome of the case and concrete story will not be revealed until you have finished to watch the final stage of the story. One thing to understand is that a series of incredible things are jumping into your eyes with reality. “Unstoppable” is unbelievable! 

The other awesome point is dynamic casts. For example, starring Denzel Washington is playing a big veteran of 28 years of service at the train station. Although Frank Burns who he plays, is a case with a calm judgement from a long work experience, but sometimes taking courageous actions that don’t spare his lives and sending someone to stir up their junior. Denzel Washington understands and carries out perfectly this character. It can be said that his tasteful acting skills brushed through many roles. I also think that he is a person with a great ability in terms of making people recognize that he is a social black actor. 

Chris Pine, the co-star in the movie is also my favorite actor. He plays Will Corson who is a new worker with only four months. Chris playing the disagreement Will between Burns and his own conflict and growth. Speaking of Chris Pine, I am impressed by Captain Jim Kirk who he plays in the new series of “Star Trek”. Will Corson and Jim Kirk are similar in that the newcomer grows up wonderfully through various experiences, but I admire the ability of Pine can play each character separately. Therefore, I can confidently convey “Unstoppable” is one of his . Since it is also a work currently being rented at affordable prices in bookstore and the like, it can be appreciated at a low cost. You must be surprised and moved beyond the cost.

my favorite car

My favorite car is Gaia which produced by Toyota. It released about 20 years ago, and the end of production was in 2004. There are two good points about Gaia. One is that it is my father's car. When I was a child, I and my family used to ride in a Gaia. We could go everywhere. It was memorable, so I was proud of Gaia. The other one is comfortable. The Gaia is an Automatic car, so you can drive easily. Recently, I got a driving license. Of course, I was always driving the Gaia. I feel comfortable of Gaia even now. Therefore, I think my favorite car is Gaia. Gaia is not produced now, so I have to buy another car someday, but I'll don't forget my memory of Gaia. When I have my family someday, I'll tell my family that, and want to make good memories by my drive.

my favorite subject

My favorite subject is Japanese. I think the subject was easy for me to understand.  It is also conceivable that I am Japanese, but I surely enjoyed to learn Japanese. When I was a high school student, suddenly, Japanese class drew my interest. Especially,  learning the ancient ancient writing of Japanese was the most interesting for me. The more learned about it, the better my record became and I could say that I would like to learn Japanese history more. On the National Center Test, I got about 80 percent on the Japanese test! I couldn't know I come to like about Japanese when I entered my high school. I wanted to be a Japanese teacher and get my class of Japanese in the future, however, I also like English. Finally, I was learning English and studied hard to be an English teacher. I feel a litle strange, but I also enjoying to learn English! If I had not that experience about to learning Japanese, I would not be what I'm now. Sometimes I challenge the quiz of the Ancient Writing of Japanese. Learning languages is very interesting! I'll keep the spirit of importance to touch to different languages and new ideas about them.

Book review 12, Para-Life RESCUE!

Rio as it is commonly known is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Visiters often come to Rio on their vacation. An instructor Ruy Marra was flying a tour over the popular Copacabana Beach in Rio. He explains what happened: "I was flying over Copacabana Beach in 1995. He thought he wants to a thing. In the future, Marra will still be saving people from drowing at the beach. With the Para-Life Recue System and help the lifeguards, and push down the number of people drowing on the beach. I read this book, I didn't think that rescue working was difficult. I have not been to the beach so much. The safer needs many identification. However, whenever safers can save people,  they have to safe people to swim safely. Rio's beach is very beautiful. I want to go there someday. I don't go the foreign country because I don't have much money.

Roehr, S. (2009). National Geographic Para-Life Rescue! USA: Congage.